Rate of Return / Investment Yield

Our E-Calculator help you in determining the GROSS or NET rate of retun or investment yield of an income producing property should you decide to purchase that property for investment purposes.

Note : If you need to calculate the net investment yield, the following shall take into account :-

  1. Property Price : Besides the purchase price, other incidental costs such as legal fees, stamp duties, valuation fees, renovation or upgrading costs if any are to be included as total acquisition costs.
  2. Monthly Rental is the actual rental payable by tenant or estimated market rental. The Net Rental can be derived at by deducting all expenses borne by you as owner/landlord such as payment of quit rent, assessment rates, insurance premium, service charge, structural repair costs etc

Property price/acquisition costs (RM):

Rental per month (RM):

Estimated Rate of Return /Investment Yield: %